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Common Questions

How are lessons structured?

Lessons are private, one-on-one lessons, ½ hour or 1 hour in length, once a week. We may consider doing small class sessions in the near future. The student may fill each lesson time with one or more instruments (piano, guitar, bass). The amount of time spent with each instrument will be negotiated with the student, parents, and instructor. Generally, we recommend that at least 11-12 minutes be spent on any given instrument.

Why are your lesson fees priced as they are?

Lesson fees are assessed monthly, based on monthly average of total lessons per year: ½ hour students pay $99/month, 1 hour students pay $198/month. Holidays and off days are calculated into the fee schedule, so the monthly fee is the same every month, regardless of how many days happen to be “off” during any given month. Out of 52 weeks, 8 are considered “off”, often coinciding with the local school calendar (winter break, spring break, Thanksgiving, etc.). This leaves 44 weeks which are then averaged out by dividing by 12 (the 12 months of the year). So the fee schedule breaks down as follows:

For ½-hr lessons, monthly fee = $99/mo x 12 months = total yearly fee = $1,188; divide this total by 44 to find the actual fee per 1/2-hr lesson: 1,188 divided by 44 = $27.

For hr lessons, monthly fee = $198/mo x 12 months = total yearly fee = $2,376; divide this total by 44 to find the actual fee per hr lesson: 2,376 divided by 44 = $54.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Monthly fee is payable on the first regularly-scheduled lesson of each month. Checks should be made out to: T. H. Gillespie. We may also be accepting credit card payment in the near future. Should you forget your payment, you can mail it to T. H. Gillespie, 11312 Crows Nest, Fishers, IN 46038.

What if I start my lessons mid-month?

If a student begins lessons mid-month, the full monthly fee will not be charged. The student will be charged only for the regularly-scheduled lessons remaining during that month. The monthly payment fee will then kick in starting with the first regularly-scheduled lesson of the following month.

Are lesson times flexible?

We try to maintain a 5-minute window (2 ½ minutes toward the start and end of each lesson), leaving time for some parent-teacher consultation. If a student is late past this window, we may have to cut the lesson short in order to get back on schedule. It is possible that, as the day progresses, we might go a few minutes over here and there, stretching the schedule out a bit. Generally, we will try to return to the original schedule wherever possible. If the instructor is late or absent for any reason, that lesson will be credited to that student’s next month’s fee AND a free makeup will be offered as well.

Makeup Policy

If a student initiates a missed lesson (for any reason), that student is responsible for making the lesson up at the instructor’s convenience, or forfeiting that lesson’s fee. If the instructor has to miss a lesson (for any reason), the student may opt to make the lesson up at the student’s convenience, or may opt to take a credit on the following month’s fee.

Generally, no refunds are given for any reason. EXCEPTION: If the instructor becomes ill or terminates lessons for an extended period of time (for any reason), any paid lessons remaining during that period will be refunded. If a student opts to stop lessons (for any reason) during a paid month, any remaining paid lessons will NOT be refunded.

If a student is more than 5 minutes late to a lesson, we may need to cut the lesson a little short in order to get back on schedule.

If the instructor is at least 5 minutes late or remains absent for any scheduled lesson and the student has not been contacted and is present at the lesson, the student will be credited for that lesson on his/her next month’s monthly fee but also will be given a FREE makeup

MAKEUP LIMIT: There is a limit to student-initiated missed lessons of 4 per year. Once the limit is reached, any additional missed lessons must be forfeited. Instructor-initiated misses DO NOT COUNT against this makeup limit.

BONUS MAKEUP PERIOD: We usually take a couple of weeks off between the time the school year begins (usually around mid-August) through Labor Day. This is a great time to work in makeups for lessons missed earlier in the season (especially for summer camp, vacation, etc.).

While dismissal is rare to non-existent, it is possible that the instructor may, in extreme circumstances, opt to dismiss the student. Every effort will be made to consult with the student and parents to improve the situation, but the instructor reserves the right to make the final decision. Any paid lessons remaining during the period will NOT be refunded in case the student is dismissed.

Still Have Questions?

For performance bookings, lessons, tutorials or other inquiries, please call
310-555-4355 or click below:

Still Have Questions?

For performance bookings, lessons, tutorials or other inquiries, please call 310-555-4355 or click below: