Guitar Lessons

Fishers & Carmel, Indiana

Holistic beginning & intermediate instruction in contemporary guitar technique.

Comprehensive Approach

Gillespie Music Studio provides a well-rounded approach to contemporary guitar proficiency. We provide even young and beginning students with tools for improvising and arranging in contemporary style.

Comprehensive Guitar Lessons

Rhythm Drills & Applications

Rhythm is treated as an important part of music… sometimes it is even more important than the notes themselves. This is true for all genres, but especially for contemporary method.

Rhythm Drills

All Major & Minor Scales & Chords

GMS emphasizes comprehensive understanding of and proficiency in the most common scales and chords in every key (on guitar, this includes a full range of barre chords, including 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, and so on).

Guitar Chords

Ear Training

GMS also believes hearing is a major part of musical proficiency. GMS uses ear training games to develop recognition skills.

Guitar Ear Training

Free Trial Lesson For First Time Students

Improvisational Theory

Even young and beginning students are encouraged to learn improvisational theory in every key. Students learn how to read and improvise leads (lead guitar lines) on contemporary chord charts (blues, pop, rock) as well as use common lead techniques (slurs, hammering, vibrato, pitch bends).

Intervallic Relationships

GMS emphasizes the number system in theoretical understanding (i.e., do = 1, re = 2, etc.), as well as intervallic relationships (3rds, 4ths, 5ths, etc.). Even young and beginning students learn to recognize notes and chords for the roles they play in functional harmony.

Record Tracks

Students also are encouraged to come up with their own compositions and arrangements. Occasionally we record tracks and orchestrate using various voices (bass, strings, percussion) so that students produce their own ensemble and develop an understanding of how music is created.

Record Tracks