Gillespie Music Studio ensures each student is trained in proper traditional classical techniques, but also provides even young and beginning students building blocks for improvisation, composition and arranging.

Experienced Instruction

With over 30 years of experience, GMS owner and instructor T. H. Gillespie brings professionalism to each lesson, along with a friendly, understanding approach.


Comprehensive Style

Gillespie Music Studio provides even young & beginning students with high-quality music lessons in classical and contemporary piano style, and contemporary guitar and bass technique. You'll learn the necessary tools for improvising and arranging in contemporary style.

You'll Have Fun

Whether you're totally new to music or have some experience under your belt, your music lessons will be relaxed and fun.

"I really enjoy my piano lessons, and also our recording sessions. I can put my tracks onto a CD or my ipod and let my friends and family hear my arrangements."

“If I had had a teacher like T.H. when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have quit studying music at such an early age.”

Well-Rounded Sessions

What do typical lessons include?

  • Warm-ups and drills that promote sound fingering skills
  • Note-reading practice
  • Rhythm drills with and without pitch variation
  • Ear training through listening games
  • Repertoire: written method and score (including classics on piano)
  • Mastery of all chords, scales and inversions around key circle
Well-Rounded Lessons

Free Trial Lesson For First Time Students

Intervallic Relationships

We usually include one or two drills that are performed around the entire key circle, so that proficiency is gained in every key (rather than only in the “easy” keys). This can include melodic as well as harmonic phrases (notes as well as chords).

Improvisational Theory

Even young and beginning students are encouraged to try improvising from time to time, if not often.

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ISSMA Contests

If a student is planning to enter ISSMA, we can forego our standard approach to focus on the actual ISSMA repertoire piece. Our students consistently win gold in ISSMA, even in the highest division (LEVEL I).

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College Preparation

Preparation for college-level proficiency: Owner and instructor T. H. Gillespie successfully entered Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, as did his brother, Luke Gillespie, who presently is on the IUJSoM piano faculty. So we know what it takes to audition for such programs. We can prepare any student who wishes to audition at this level.

Record Tracks

Recording tracks helps you learn how music is created. From time to time, you'll be able to orchestrate your own compositions and arrangements.

Record Your Tracks


GMS students and parents: don’t forget GMS free lesson offers! 1. FREE FIRST LESSON: Your first lesson at GMS is free. This gives us a chance to get to know each other. You are under no obligation to come back. 2. FREE LESSON FOR REFERRAL:…
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Does the Mozart Effect Work: Fact or Fiction?

Does the Mozart Effect Work: Fact or Fiction?
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Convenient Location

Serving Carmel, Fishers and Northern Indianapolis, Indiana. Located near the Carmel-Fishers border just south of 116th St (in Wildwood Estates)... 10 minutes from Carmel High School.

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For performance bookings, lessons or other inquiries, please call (317) 537-7661 or click below: